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Lawmakers Shoot Down Proposal Allowing Longer Tractor-Trailers


State and federal laws regulate the trucking industry to big rigs operate in a safe manner. And recently, federal legislators recently shot down efforts that would’ve allowed longer trucks on our roads.

A transportation bill that was recently up for consideration by the U.S. Senate proposed allowing the length of twin trailers hauled by semi-trucks to increase from 28 feet to 33 feet. According to the Miami Herald, current laws allow trucks of this length to operate in only a handful of states, while a dozen states have banned the longer trucks outright.

Those in favor of the changes stated that longer trucks would increase efficiency within the transportation industry, while also helping to reduce costs. Opponents of the rules claimed that longer trucks would increase accidents, injuries, and fatalities on interstates.

The Senate voted to oppose the measure and encouraged members of a joint committee to take note of the decision.

The legal staff at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognizes the dangers large trucks can pose on our roadways, which is why our Indiana personal injury attorneys would like to applaud the efforts of our lawmakers to keep longer, larger trucks off of the interstate.

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Law Would Deny Access to Trucking Co. Safety Records


According to a recent poll conducted by the American Trucking Association, a majority of U.S. citizens believe that truck drivers are among the safest on the road. But are these opinions clouded by a lack of transparency in the trucking industry?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a new bill has been proposed in Congress that would deny public access to the safety records of trucking companies.

Those in favor of the new law say the current system can unfairly give trucking companies poor ratings, which can lead to higher insurance premiums and other costs. Those who oppose the reforms, however, say limiting access to safety documentation will allow irresponsible companies to continue operating on our highways.

Current laws allow anyone to access information regarding safety infractions and accidents involving trucking companies.

The bill is currently under consideration by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to be voted upon by all members of the House of Representatives.

Keeping our roadways safe is a top priority for each member of our legal staff at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers. That’s why our Indiana personal injury attorneys are hopeful lawmakers keep safety in mind when considering reforms to trucking rules and regulations.

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Indiana Truck Accident Likely the Result of Driver Inattention


The size and weight of a commercial tractor-trailer can make it difficult to bring these vehicles to a halt. The faster the truck is traveling, the more time and space it needs to stop. In fact, a big rig traveling at highway speeds could take the length of a football field to come to a complete stop.

Our Indiana truck accident lawyers at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers say that’s why truck drivers must be vigilant and focused on the road at all times. Failure to do so can easily result in a serious collision.

For example, a truck driver’s failure to stop his vehicle is being blamed for an Indiana truck accident that claimed the lives of five people. The truck driver didn’t realize that traffic in an I-65 construction zone had stopped in front of him. The semi-truck then proceeded to plow through several other vehicles on the road, killing and injuring occupants.

This isn’t the first accident the company who hired the at-fault driver has been linked to recently. According to NBC 5 Chicago, the company has been involved in nine other accidents within the past two years and has been cited almost three dozen times for safety violations during the same time period.

Our legal staff at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognizes the dangers distracted or drowsy driving can pose to everyone on the road and our Indiana personal injury lawyers send their deepest sympathies to the families of this accident’s victims.

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Proposed CSA Regulation Changes May Affect Indiana Truck Accident Numbers


Commercial tractor-trailers can present a serious risk to everyone who is on the road if involved in an accident. Most experts agree that stringent trucking regulations and rules can help reduce accidents involving semi-trucks, but our Indiana truck accident lawyers at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers point out there is currently debate regarding what these rules should be.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is considering making changes to its Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program. Proposals are calling to reduce interventional threshold limits for vehicle maintenance basic requirements by five percentage points and increase interventional limits for the use of controlled substances by 10 percentage points.

According to an article from Overdrive, many in the trucking industry say the changes do little to address the causes of truck accidents today. Still others use case histories of fatal accidents caused by poorly maintained vehicles and intoxicated drivers as evidence of why these regulations would be effective.

At Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers, we understand how the law can affect the number of trucking accidents that occur in the state of Indiana and our Evansville personal injury lawyers hope industry representatives and safety experts can come to an agreement on a set of regulations that offer protection to everyone on the road.


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New Bill Could Lower Age Restrictions on Operating Commercial Tractor-Trailers


Numerous studies have shown that young, inexperienced drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in a motor vehicle collision. That’s why the current law prohibits anyone under age 21 from operating a commercial tractor-trailer.

Our Indiana truck accident lawyers at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain that, despite data showing the increased risks young drivers face behind the wheel, lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would allow younger drivers to get behind the wheel of a big rig.

According to an article from The Indiana Gazette, the legislation would allow teens as young as 18-years-old to haul interstate commerce in commercial tractor-trailers while working up to 82 hours per week. The only restriction would be that teen drivers couldn’t haul hazardous materials, oversize loads, or overweight loads.

Those in favor of the changes say the new rules would boost the number of young Americans who would consider truck driving as a career. Those who are opposed to the reform believe the changes would only make an already dangerous vehicle an even greater hazard.

The bill was added to another piece of transportation legislation that is currently under consideration by the Senate Commerce Committee.

At Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers, we understand how complex the regulations and rules that govern the trucking industry can be. That’s why our Indiana personal injury lawyers are anxious to see whether lawmakers will approve or reject this change to regulations.



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Federal Study Recommends Maintaining Current Size and Weight Limits on Commercial Tractor-Trailers

truck weighing station

The size and weight of a vehicle is directly related to the amount of time and space necessary to bring that vehicle to a halt when it’s moving. The larger and heavier the vehicle, the more time and space it needs to come to stop, and the greater the force of the impact if that vehicle is involved in an accident.

In the case of commercial tractor-trailers, studies have shown it can take these vehicles the length of a football field to stop when traveling at highway speeds. Our Indiana truck accident attorneys at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers point out that if you’ve ever had to stop unexpectedly in highway traffic, you understand that kind of time and space isn’t always available.

Despite these findings, the trucking industry has been pushing for the federal government to allow longer and heavier truck and trailer combinations to take to the road. They say longer trucks present no greater risk to motorists than the vehicles that are currently on the road.

This prompted the Federal Highway Administration to conduct a study on the safety of longer, heavier trucks. Their researchers were unable to conclude whether the trucks were safer or more dangerous. According to an article from Land Line, the results have led officials to recommend no changes be made to size and weight limits for commercial trucks.

Our Indiana personal injury attorneys at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognize the importance of always making highway safety a priority, and we hope Congress will abide by the study’s recommendation and uphold current size and weight restrictions on commercial tractor-trailers.

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Jury Awards $32.5 Million to Victim of Indiana Truck Accident


Drivers of commercial tractor-trailers must abide by regulations that are established to help ensure both their safety and the safety of other motorists traveling around them. Our Indiana truck accident lawyers at Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain that an accident that occurs as the result of failing to abide by these rules could result in a truck driver and their company facing litigation brought by the victims.

Take, for instance, the case of a 40-year-old woman who was awarded $32.5 million in compensation for an Indiana truck accident she was involved in several years ago. Reports indicate the crash happened in January 2006 on I-65 in Jasper County.

According to an article from ABC 7 News, the victim was the passenger of a vehicle that lost traction on the highway and crashed into a stationary tractor-trailer that had been involved in a previous accident. As a result of the collision, the woman was left paralyzed on her right side after suffering a traumatic brain injury. She also suffered from severe memory loss that stripped her of her independence and left her incapable of caring for her young daughter.

The victim filed suit against the driver and the company who hired him, saying the driver crashed as a result of traveling too fast for the conditions of the road, then created a hazard to other motorists after failing to follow rules requiring the truck’s flashing lights be activated and reflective warning cones be placed behind the truck.

A jury agreed with the victim and handed down the decision.

At Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers, we recognize the devastation that can be caused by injuries that result from truck drivers not following the rules of the road. That’s why our Indiana personal injury lawyers are hopeful the decision that was reached in this particular case will bring peace and closure to the victim and her family.

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Truck Accidents Leading Cause of Death for Indiana Mining Industry


Mining is one of the most dangerous occupations an American can hold, considering the risks of falls, contact with heavy equipment, explosions, and even exposure to hazardous substances miners face. But one of the greatest dangers these workers experience on a daily basis may be getting themselves or their product to and from the worksite.

The Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain that transportation accidents are the leading cause of worker injury or death in the mining field today. Reports indicate that transportation accidents account for roughly 38 percent of all workplace fatalities recorded in America, and the mining and extraction industries are no exception.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there were a total of 11,531 truck accidents that were recorded between 2004 and 2008. Of those accidents, 326 occurred within the mining sector.

Many would think the job site would be the most dangerous area for large trucks to operate, but incidents along the highway tend to account for the greatest number of accidents. Reports indicate 59 percent of all transportation accidents within the mining industry occur along the highway. These accidents are dangerous for the workers driving the trucks, but they can be absolutely devastating for other drivers who are involved in accidents with the large vehicles.

Younger workers tend to also be at the greatest risk of involvement in a mining transportation accident. Workers between the ages of 16 – 19 made up the greatest number of mining fatalities, which accounted for the highest percentage of on-the-job deaths.

If you’ve been injured as the result of an accident with a mining truck, or you were driving a mining truck as part of your job and were in a wreck, it’s important to know that you have rights and that the Evansville personal injury lawyers with Woods and Woods can help protect them. If you have questions regarding your accident or injuries, feel free to give us a call anytime at (866) 232-5777 to discuss your case.

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4 Steps To Take If You’ve Been Involved In A Kentucky Truck Accident

While most motorists are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, many may fail to realize there are a growing number of motorists under the influence of drugs and controlled substances who may present an equal or even greater safety threat. The hazards drugged drivers can pose are especially compounded behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicle.

This was underscored when a truck driver was recently convicted in the death of a motorist following a Kentucky truck accident. Investigators determined the driver responsible for causing the crash was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the crash.

News Channel 5 reports that while the 69-year-old victim was traveling along Interstate 24 outside of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the intoxicated driver of the tractor-trailer plowed into the rear of his vehicle.

The incident leaves many wondering what they should do if they are the victim of a crash involving a commercial vehicle where the responsible driver is suspected to be under the influence. At Woods and Woods, our Evansville personal injury lawyers suggest taking the following steps after such an accident:

  • Report It- It’s vital that you let law enforcement and your insurer know you have been involved in a collision.
  • Seek Medical Attention- If you’ve been hurt, getting the treatment you need should be the top priority and calling emergency services is the first step in doing so.
  • Collect Evidence- Get pictures of the vehicles and the crash scene. Also, be sure to keep any documentation related to the crash or your expenses stemming from the accident.
  • Call An Attorney- Having legal counsel by your side will help get your questions answered and your claim filed properly.


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Defective Truck Parts Prompts Recall of 21,000 Vehicles

One of the leading causes of accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers is defective or improperly maintained equipment. These accidents often lead to property damage, injury, and in some cases, death. The Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain such defective equipment is why a voluntary recall of 21,000 Kenworth and Peterbilt big rigs was recently announced.

An article from Transport Topics states the recall affects 2013 and 2014 models from both companies and was initiated after reports of problems with door latches and seat belts. Reports indicate the seat belts do not meet federal safety standards, as the unit’s latch plate does not separate from the buckle. Officials say the door latch issue stems from problems in the piece’s assembly that could prevent doors from closing and securing properly.

Vehicle owners and dealerships are currently being informed of the problem, and the defective units will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

The Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers posed by defective truck parts, and they urge anyone in possession of an affected unit to have the problem fixed immediately. The firm also encourages anyone who has been harmed in an accident caused by a product liability issue to discuss their legal rights with an attorney.

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