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4 Steps To Take If You’ve Been Involved In A Kentucky Truck Accident

While most motorists are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, many may fail to realize there are a growing number of motorists under the influence of drugs and controlled substances who may present an equal or even greater safety threat. The hazards drugged drivers can pose are especially compounded behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicle.

This was underscored when a truck driver was recently convicted in the death of a motorist following a Kentucky truck accident. Investigators determined the driver responsible for causing the crash was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the crash.

News Channel 5 reports that while the 69-year-old victim was traveling along Interstate 24 outside of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the intoxicated driver of the tractor-trailer plowed into the rear of his vehicle.

The incident leaves many wondering what they should do if they are the victim of a crash involving a commercial vehicle where the responsible driver is suspected to be under the influence. At Woods and Woods, our Evansville personal injury lawyers suggest taking the following steps after such an accident:

  • Report It- It’s vital that you let law enforcement and your insurer know you have been involved in a collision.
  • Seek Medical Attention- If you’ve been hurt, getting the treatment you need should be the top priority and calling emergency services is the first step in doing so.
  • Collect Evidence- Get pictures of the vehicles and the crash scene. Also, be sure to keep any documentation related to the crash or your expenses stemming from the accident.
  • Call An Attorney- Having legal counsel by your side will help get your questions answered and your claim filed properly.


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Defective Truck Parts Prompts Recall of 21,000 Vehicles

One of the leading causes of accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers is defective or improperly maintained equipment. These accidents often lead to property damage, injury, and in some cases, death. The Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain such defective equipment is why a voluntary recall of 21,000 Kenworth and Peterbilt big rigs was recently announced.

An article from Transport Topics states the recall affects 2013 and 2014 models from both companies and was initiated after reports of problems with door latches and seat belts. Reports indicate the seat belts do not meet federal safety standards, as the unit’s latch plate does not separate from the buckle. Officials say the door latch issue stems from problems in the piece’s assembly that could prevent doors from closing and securing properly.

Vehicle owners and dealerships are currently being informed of the problem, and the defective units will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

The Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers posed by defective truck parts, and they urge anyone in possession of an affected unit to have the problem fixed immediately. The firm also encourages anyone who has been harmed in an accident caused by a product liability issue to discuss their legal rights with an attorney.

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New Hours-of-Service Regulations Aimed At Reducing Kentucky Truck Accident Numbers

October 17, 2013

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that in 2009 alone, there were more than 500,000 motor vehicle accidents in the United States involving tractor-trailers. The Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers explain that efforts being made by lawmakers to reduce this number have led to controversy swirling around new trucking safety regulations.

According to an article published in the Daily Dunklin Democrat, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new Hours-of-Service Safety Regulations went into effect earlier this year. These laws limit the number of hours truck drivers can operate a vehicle to 70 hours per week, versus the previous limit of 82 hours per week. The new regulations also establish periods of rest during certain hours of the day that all truckers must take. Furthermore, the new limits prohibit drivers from working more than 14 hours before taking a mandatory 10-hour rest period.

Penalties for allowing a truck driver to operate past the legal limit can include fines of up to $11,000.

The laws were reformed to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, but most truck drivers claim the new limits make it difficult to operate a business.

Woods and Woods Injury Lawyer’s team of Kentucky Personal Injury Attorneys is aware of how complicated the laws regarding operating a commercial truck can be. That is why the firm suggests discussing your legal options with an attorney if you have been injured in an accident caused by a truck driver’s negligence.


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Kentucky Truck Accident Leaves One Dead and Another Injured

May 30, 2013

A 69-year-old man from Colorado died as the result of Kentucky Truck Accident that also left his wife was seriously injured. Reports say the crash happened on May 16 along Interstate 24 near Oak Grove, Kentucky.

A story from WPSD 6 News explained the victim was heading east along the Christian County highway in a 2005 Buick. As he approached mile-marker 89, a tractor-trailer being driven by a 54-year-old man from Minnesota plowed into the rear of his Buick.

The impact of the collision pushed the victim’s vehicle into a ditch. Emergency crews were called to the scene, and paramedics rushed the driver of the Buick and his wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle, to a Tennessee hospital for treatment. By the time the victims arrived though, the driver had died.

Meanwhile, investigators determined that the driver of the big rig was under the influence of alcohol. He was placed under arrest and charged with murder, driving under the influence, evading police, wanton endangerment of an officer, and resisting arrest.

The Owensboro Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers recognize the hardships that can be brought on by the loss of a loved one to an unforeseen accident. That is why the firm would like to send their sympathies to the families of the victims.

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Kentucky Man Injured in Owensboro Truck Accident

Sept. 6, 2012

Due to their size and constant use, tractor-trailer trucks are heavily regulated to ensure the safety of others around them. When these vehicles fail to operate within guidelines, it can often result in serious injury.

This could have been a factor in an truck accident in Daviess County, Kentucky, yesterday. According to an article released by SURFKY News, the accident happened at around 10:30 a.m. just outside Owensboro.

Reports indicate that the victim was operating a lawnmower in the median island of the road when a semi-truck pulling a flatbed trailer attempted to make a left turn on the road. When the trucker made the turn, the trailer came onto the island and struck the young man in the left shoulder.

The man refused treatment from paramedics at the scene of the accident, but it was reported that a family member later took him to a local hospital to receive a further medical examination.

When commercial truck drivers are involved in Kentucky truck accidents caused by driver error or mechanical malfunctions, the trucking company or operator may be found at fault for the accident.

That is why the Owensboro Personal Injury Lawyers advise anyone who has been involved in a collision with a commercial tractor-trailer to contact an attorney to discuss possible legal options as soon as possible.

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Kentucky Truck Crash Responsible For Seriously Injuring Two Victims

June 28, 2012

Two people were seriously injured this past Wednesday as a result of a Kentucky Truck Accident. According to reports from Channel 14 News, the crash occurred around 12 p.m. at the corner of Highway 54 and Chambers Street in Daviess County.

Police say that the driver of a tractor-trailer was heading down the highway when he had to suddenly swerve into an oncoming lane of traffic to avoid hitting two vehicles that were stopped in his lane. Unfortunately, when the trucker swerved, he collided head-on with a white Toyota pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction. Witnesses in another vehicle behind the pickup pulled the two occupants from the wreckage of their vehicle before a fire at the scene spread.

Fire and rescue crews happened to be in the area when they noticed the smoke that was rising from the wreckage and traveled to the scene. They were able to extinguish the fire and transport the two injured men to a local hospital for treatment via ambulance.

One of the men at the scene of the crash stated, “I think if those guys hadn’t had their seat belt on, even with the airbags in there, it would have been a far different story.”

The Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers say that it is accidents like this one that show the importance of wearing a seat belt every time you get into a vehicle.

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Poor Tractor-Trailer Maintenance Makes Leads to Highway Dangers

May 10, 2012

While commercial tractor-trailer trucks may be an integral part of trade and industry in the United States today, they are also one of the biggest contributing factors to the unsafe nature of America’s highways. According to Channel 14 News, 111,000 commercial tractor-trailers were inspected in Indiana in 2011. Of those vehicles, one in five was deemed unsafe to put back on the highway.

Studies have shown that a staggering 33 percent of collisions between big truck and passenger vehicles were caused by a mechanical failure. One of the most common failures seen on these vehicles is brake malfunctions. Commercial truck inspector for Indiana, Trooper Brenda Tubbs, stated “Brake pads, drums. There are a lot that go with the brakes, not just brakes that are going to put them out of service.”

So how can you avoid being involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer? The best rules to remember include:

  • ensuring you can see the truck’s headlights before merging in front of it,
  • ensuring you can see both of the truck’s side view mirrors when following,
  • passing quickly when needed in the left lane,
  • and always allowing tractor-trailers extra space on the road for stopping.

Thousands of lives are affected by Indiana Truck Accidents each year, and the Evansville Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers are here to help you if you’ve been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle.

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Separate Indiana Truck Accidents Leave One Dead And One Injured

May 3, 2012

The Department of Transportation says that over a twenty-year period, commercial truck accidents have been responsible for roughly 114,000 fatalities.  Hundreds of thousands of other individuals were injured as a result of these crashes as well, and the number continues to grow as the number of commercial trucks on the highways increases.

Take, for instance, two crashes that occurred earlier this week. According to Channel 14 News, the first accident occurred around 2:35 a.m. Tuesday along Pennyrile Parkway. The 54-year-old driver of the truck told police that he swerved to avoid a deer in the road, hit a road sign, and overturned. The driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment. Police say that his seatbelt probably saved his life.

The next day, at 8:35 a.m., a 72-year-old truck driver was killed along Route 13 after being involved in a single-vehicle crash. Indiana State Police said the driver left the highway for an unknown reason. The vehicle then crashed through a guardrail before coming to rest on an embankment. The driver wasn’t properly restrained during the accident and was ejected from the vehicle. He was declared dead at the scene a short time later.

An Indiana Truck Accident can affect anyone who shares the highway with these commercial vehicles. That is why the Evansville Personal Injury Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers suggest slowing down and always driving defensively.

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Kentucky Man Injured After Rolling Dump Truck

February 23, 2012

A 29-year-old man from Greenville, Kentucky, is facing charges after being involved in an accident while driving a dump truck. According to reports from Channel 14 News, the accident happened Wednesday around 9:30 a.m. in the eastbound lane of U.S. Route 62, five miles east of Dawson Springs.

Reports from troopers with the Kentucky State Police Department who were called to the scene said the man was driving the dump truck when the passenger side tires dropped onto the shoulder of the highway. The driver then overcorrected by jerking the wheel back towards the road, causing the vehicle to roll onto its side into oncoming lanes of traffic.

The truck’s driver, who was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, was injured and taken by ambulance to the local hospital for treatment. Troopers say he has been charged with:

  • operating a commercial motor vehicle without a Commercial Driver’s License,
  • no medical certificate in driver’s possession,
  • operating a commercial motor vehicle without periodic inspection,
  • and not having a fire extinguisher onboard.

The Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers know that dump trucks operate under the same restrictions as tractor-trailers, and drivers who operate vehicles without the proper paperwork are subject to legal ramifications.

That’s why the firm says it’s so important to immediately contact an attorney after seeking medical assistance if you are involved in an accident with a dump truck.

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Kentucky State Law Enforcement Has A Busy Month

February 2, 2012

Kentucky State Police have been quite successful in battling road dangers, such as speeding, lack of seat belts, and intoxicated drivers, that motorists face on the state’s highways for the past month. According to Channel 14 News, in January alone, 766 citations were issued to drivers and 44 impaired driving arrests were made.

In addition to those arrests and tickets 238 criminal arrests were made and a total of 2,100 citations were issued across seven counties. Other highlights included:

  • 121 Seat belt citations
  • 9 Child restraint citations
  • 67 Traffic crashes investigated
  • 189 Stranded motorists assisted
  • 819 Responses to calls for service
  • 50 Opened criminal cases

Only three lives were lost in fatal traffic accidents in the district in the month of January. A lack of seat belt use was reported as a contributing factor to deaths involved in two of the fatal crashes.

Law enforcement says that they credit the low number of fatalities to the high police presence on highways in the district over the past month. They hope that these numbers will help with increasing state funding for more campaigns in the area, with more patrols and sobriety checkpoints.

The Kentucky auto accident attorneys with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers are thankful for all that area law enforcement does to keep our highways safe and can only encourage motorists to do their part in keeping the roads safe by slowing down and buckling up. If you have been injured in a car accident at no fault of your own, contact an experienced attorney today for a free initial consultation.

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